1.3mm Gravity Gun

Gravity fed air spray gun types available fitted with a 1.3 mm needle nozzle set up

Supernova LS400 Anest Iwata Spray Gun

Anest Iwata LS400 Supernova gravity feed high volume low pressure (HVLP) spray gun range are one of the most ergonomic and futuristic looking spray guns available. Anest Iwata Supernova LS400 are are at the very high end of center mount HVLP gravity feed spray guns. Pinninfarina design house in Italy worked closely with Anest Iwata to produce this very modern looking gravity fed HVLP spray gun.

LS400 Supernova HVLP Anest Iwata Gravity Spray Guns Image

W101 Anest Iwata Side Feed Gravity Air Spray Gun

W101 Anest Iwata side feed gravity air spray guns are the compact Anest Iwata High TEC high transfer efficent technology spray gun models with a HVLP version and a suction feed range also available. Additionally this Anest Iwata W101 High TEC series side feed gravity air spray gun range has an air motor agitator pot model availalable for spraying pearls and fine metallics that require continual agitation while spraying. In the standard gravity feed range there are 1.0mm, 3 x 1.3mm versions, 2 x 1.5mm models and a 1.8mm. The W101 agitator model is available in 1.3mm and 1.8mm variants.

W101 Anest Iwata Side Feed Gravity Air Spray Gun
W101 Anest Iwata Agitator Gravity Feed Spray Gun


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