W77 Anest Iwata Pressure Spray Gun

Anest Iwata W77 pressure is a full size classic style conventional air spray gun featuring high atomisation capability with high fluid outputs and very wide spray pattern fan widths. Fitted with the number "0" atomising air cap this 1.2mm setup pressure feed air spray gun is capable of delivering up to 480 millilitres per minute of paint with spray pattern fan widths of up to 445 millimetres wide. 

Suggested compressed air inlet pressure for this W77 pressure feed spray gun is 3.5 bar or 50 pounds per square inch and an air compressor capable of delivering at least 15 cubic feet per minute or 430 litres per minute of compressed air is required.

The Anest Iwata W77 pressure feed air spray gun is a high quality conventional atomisation pressure feed air spray gun featuring first class atomisation and high production rate outputs.

Pressure Feed Air Spray Gun Anest Iwata W77


Nozzle Sizes: