V3 Pro 2000 Star New Century Pressure Feed S2000F-153P 1.5mm

Star New Century V3 Pressure 2000 spray gun head is a full size pressure feed spray gun designed for use attached to a paint pressure pot or double diaphragm paint pump system. Dedicated pressure feed spray guns such as these need to be pressure fed as the atomising air cap design are not suited for use as a suction style spray gun.

Star V3 Pressure 2000 are available in three different setup models and are designed to be optimally operated with a compressed air atomising pressure of between twenty nine and thirty five pounds per square inch.

This range of full size pressure feed models consume between three hundred and fifty to four hundred litres of compressed air per minute and fifteen cubic feet per minute or larger air compressors are recommended for optimal performance.

Star New Century V3 Pressure 2000 model number;

  • S2000F-153P 1.5mm setup
Pressure Feed Spray Gun Star New Century V3 Pro 2000 S2000F-153P


Nozzle Sizes: