Star Suction Range

Star and Star New Century feature an extensive range of suction feed spray guns. The Star New Century EVOT-2000 series are V3 LVLP low-volume low-pressure transfer efficient suction spray guns with a six setup options ranging from 1.2 millimetre through to 2.0 millimetres.

There is a V3 Pro 2000 Star New Century suction feed spray gun range with three setup options available in 1.5 millimetre, 1.8 millimetre and 2.0 millimetre and a more compact V3 Pro 1000 suction feed model range is available with three setup options available.
Star New Century SG 2000 suction feed range is an ergonomic and very affordable spray gun with available set up options ranging from 1.5 millimetres through to 3.0 millimetres.
Star Classic S770 suction feed are still manufactured and are a competitively priced full-size suction spray gun which is available for purchase with or without a one litre paint cup.