Star New Century V3 Pro 1000 Pressure S1000F-103P

Star New Century V3 Pressure 1000 S1000F-103P spray gun head is a lightweight and compact pressure feed spray gun range with three different fluid tip setup options available. 

Star V3 Pressure 1000 series have a quarter inch fluid input fitting as opposed to the three eights inch fluid inlet size traditionally used on full size pressure feed spray guns and Star usually include an adaptor from quarter to three eights inch to enable direct connection to paint pressure pots or double diaphragm paint pumps that are fitted with pressure feed fluid hose using three eights inch fittings.

Star New Century V3 Pressure 1000 spray gun heads should be operated with between thirty and thirty five pounds per square inch atomising inlet air pressure and air compressors capable of twelve cubic feet per minute or greater of compressed are delivery will be best for optimal results.

Star New Century V3 Pressure 1000 spray gun range are manufactured using a drop forged aluminum blank which improves spray gun strength and quality while reducing overall weight compared to cast manufacturing techniques. The distinctive red anodising resists corrosion and abrasion and contributes to easier cleaning and maintenance.

  • S1000F-103P 1.0mm setup
Pressure Feed Spray Gun Star New Century V3 Pro 1000 Model S1000F-103P


Nozzle Sizes: