Star New Century V3 Pro 1000 Gravity Air Spray Gun

V3 Pro 1000 Star New Century gravity feed air spray gun is a side feed type gravity feed paint pot. This enables the pot to be swiveled to almost any position through a 360 degree arc to suit almost any spray gun angle.

As with other Star New Century air spray guns the spray gun body is fully drop forged which makes air spray guns manufactured with this type of process lighter yet stronger than a less expensive cast aluminum spray gun body.

The Star New Century V3 Pro 1000 air spray gun models are anodised in a distinctive red which makes cleaning easier and resists scratches, wear and corrosion or surface oxidisation.

This range of side mount gravity feed air spray guns operate best with an inlet air pressure range of 29 to 35 psi and consume between 240 to 300 litres per minute of compressed air volume. Fluid outputs are typically in the range of 240 to 290 ml per minute and the minimum recommended air compressor size is 8 to 10cfm. There is a 1.3mm, 1.5mm and 1.8mm fluid needle nozzle sizes available.

Star New Century V3 Pro 1000 SMV1000F-132G

  • 1.3mm setup
  • 2 pack, Enamel, Polyurethane

Star New Century V3 Pro 1000 SMV1000F-152G

  • 1.5mm setup
  • 2 Pack, Basecoat, Enamel

Star New Century V3 Pro 1000 SMV1000F-182G

  • 1.8mm setup
  • Laquer, Enamel
Gravity Air Spray Gun Star New Century V3 Pro 1000


Nozzle Sizes: