Star New Century EVOT4000 Gravity Air Spray Gun

At the very top of the Star New Century gravity air spray gun range is the LVLP EVOT 4000 gravity spray gun. LVLP low volume low pressure air spray gun technology used by the Star New Century EVOT 4000 range provide high quality paint atomisation with dramatically reduced over spray while avoiding the necessity for large air compressors which are required for many HVLP air spray guns. To ensure maximum spray gun body strength and durability Star New Century EVOT 4000 are fully drop forged which improves strength dramatically over cheaper cast spray gun bodies and reduces comparable air spray gun weight. All Star New Century EVOT 4000 gravity air spray guns are anodised in distinctive gold which resists abrasion and scratches and makes external spray gun clean up easier.

Star New Century EVOT 4000 gravity air spray guns operate best at fifteen to nineteen ponds per square inch inlet air pressure and require two hundred and eighty five to three hundred and forty litres per minute of compressed air delivery. Minimum recommended air compressor size for use with these air spray guns is 10 to 12 cubic feet per minute or larger.

Available Star New Century EVOT 4000 gravity LVLP air spray gun models include 1.2mm 1.3mm 1.4mm 1.5mm 1.6mm 1.8mm and 2.0mm setup options. Part number for each size is listed below.

  • SLV4000F-123G 1.2mm

  • SLV4000F-133G 1.3mm

  • SLV4000F-143G 1.4mm

  • SLV4000F-153G 1.5mm

  • SLV4000F-163G 1.6mm

  • SLV4000F-183G 1.8mm

  • SLV4000F-203G 2.0mm


EVOT4000 Star New Century LVLP Centre Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun


Nozzle Sizes: