Star Gravity

Star gravity feed spray guns are highly regarded for Star Classic gravity models such as the side mount S-770 gravity, the very popular S-106 model which is available as a full size gravity feed gun and also as the S-106TG mini gravity range. The Star S-2 side feed gravity spray gun has long been a favorite for small touch up work, artists, hobbyists etc. and is still available today.

More recently the technologically advanced Star New Century range was released and in gravity feed Star New Century spray gun range models include the premium EVOT 4000 gold center feed LVLP, the Star New Century V3 Pro 4000 Red, and the side feed gravity Star New Century Pro 1000 red models. The Star New Century range also includes the all new Star New Century V3 Mini LVLP center feed gravity models.

Star New Century SG4000 range deliver lighter weight and are ergonomic center feed models at very competitive prices without compromising quality.

Simply follow the child links below this start page to surf through the truly excellent range of Star and Star New Century gravity feed spray gun models available. Every single one of our Star Classic and Star New Century stock is only ever sourced from the sole authorised Australian based warehouse to ensure your investment is always protected with full the national support and spare parts backup network.