SLV2000F-123S 1.2mm Setup EVOT 2000 V3 LVLP Star New Century Suction Spray Guns

EVOT 2000 V3 LVLP SLV2000F-123S 1.2mm Setup suction feed air spray guns from Star New Century are available standard with six different fluid needle nozzle set up options, beginning with a 1.2 millimetre through to the largest 2.0 millimetre setup model.

Recommended inlet air pressure for star new century V3 EVOT to maximise the low-volume low-pressure transfer efficiency is between 19-23 pounds per square inch compressed air pressure and the recommended minimum air compressor size range is between 12 and 14 cubic feet per minute.

Every Star New Century V3 EVOT2000 LVLP suction feed air spray gun is supplied complete with a quality Star high polished aluminium lever action 1000 millilitre suction spray gun pot. EVOT2000 spray guns feature an inlet air flow/pressure regulation valve a fan adjustment spreader control and fluid needle travel adjustment.

This Model;

  • SLV2000F-123S 1.2mm Setup
LVLP Suction Feed Spray Gun Star New Century EVOT 2000 V3 LVLP SLV2000F-123S 1.2mm Setup


Nozzle Sizes: