SG2000 Star New Century Suction Air Spray Guns

Star New Century SG2000 suction feed air spray gun range are all supplied complete with a highly polished quality star lever action suction feet paint pot and are available in five different set up options ranging from 1.5 millimetres through to 3.0 millimetres.

It is recommended to operate SG2000 suction feed air spray guns with approximately 35 to 40 psi of compressed air inlet pressure and these suction feed air spray guns will typically require an air compressor of at least 12 to 15 CFM although the 1.5 millimetre model may operate satisfactorily on an air compressor as small as 10 CFM.

These suction feed air spray guns feature a comfortable ergonomic shape and are fitted with hard wearing stainless steel fluid needle and nozzle to enhance operational spray gun life.

Star New Century SG2000 part number ordering information;

  • SG2000-15S 1.5mm
  • SG2000-18S 1.8mm
  • SG2000-20S 2.0mm
  • SG2000-25S 2.5mm
  • SG2000-30S 3.0mm
Suction Air Spray Gun Star New Century SG2000


Nozzle Sizes: