S-770 Star Suction Feed Air Spray Guns

Star Classic suction feed air spray gun range are a full-size suction spray gun head with built-in inlet air pressure flow control spreader fan pattern adjuster and fluid needle travel adjustment.

There are five setup options available for the Star Classic S-770 suction feed spray gun starting a 1.5 millimetre through to 3.0 millimetre.

The suction feed air spray guns typically operate best at between 50 and 65 PSI inlet air pressure and will typically require an air compressor of at least 12 to 15 CFM to operate.

The Star Classic S-770 suction feed spray guns listed for sale on this page are supplied complete with a high quality polished star lever action suction feed 1000 millilitre pot.

Star Classic S-770 suction feed spray gun part number ordering as follows;

  • S-770-1 1.5mm
  • S-770-2 1.7mm
  • S-770-3 2.0mm
  • S-770-4 2.5mm
  • S-770-5 3.0mm
Suction Feed Air Spray Gun Star S-770 Classic


Nozzle Sizes: