S-770-01P 1.5mm S-770P Pressure Feed Star Spray Guns

Star S-770P S-770-01P 1.5mm pressure feed air spray guns are a full size conventional manual air spray gun that are specifically designed to be used when connected to paint pressure pots or double diaphragm paint delivery pumps.

While it may be possible to use a Star S-770 pressure feed spray gun on air compressors as small as fifteen cubic feet per minute rated air compressors capable of twenty cubic feet per minute or greater will ensure a Star S-770 pressure spray gun has enough compressed air supply to operate optimally.

Star S-770P pressure feed air spray guns will usually funtion best with between fifty and sixty five pounds per square inch inlet air pressure. Star S-770P pressure spray guns are conventional pressure feed spray guns designed for high paint atomisation outputs with wide spray fan patterns.

  • S-770-01P 1.5mm
Pressure Feed Spray Gun Star S-770P S-770-01P 1.5mm


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