LPH50 Anest Iwata HVLP Air Spray Gun

Even lighter and more compact than the Anest Iwata LPH80 HVLP is the Anest Iwata LPH50 HVLP gravity air spray gun. The LPH50 weighs just 220 grams for the spray gun head only without pot, and operates best at only 0.7 bar or 10 pounds per square inch inlet compressed air pressure. Another huge advantage when using an Anest Iwata LPH50 HVLP is that these high volume low pressure air spray guns only consume 50 litres per minute or 1.8 cubic feet per minute of compressed air meaning these HVLP spray guns are perfect for use when air compressor size is limited. The Anest Iwata LPH50 gravity air spray gun is a side feed gravity pot the standard one is stainless steel and 150ml  capacity or the LPH50 can be orederd here as spray gun only without any pot. Available set up models are 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 1.0mm.


  • 0.4mm setup
  • 8 ml per minute output
  • 40mm wide spray pattern


  • 0.6mm setup
  • 25 ml per minute output
  • 60mm wide spray pattern


  • 1.0mm setup
  • 55 ml per minute output
  • 100mm wide spray pattern

To order the Anest Iwata LPH50 HVLP air spray gun complete with the genuine Anest Iwata 150 ml stainless steel side mount gravity pot select any part number ending in C. To order the LPH50 HVLP with out any pot use any of the part numbers ending in G only.

Side Feeed Gravity Air Spray Gun LPH50 Anest Iwata HVLP


Nozzle Sizes: