LPH200 Anest Iwata HVLP Pressure Feed

Anest Iwata LPH200 is a high quality pressure feed HVLP, high-volume low-pressure, air spray gun that features very high transfer efficiency while maintaining super fine atomisation. The Anest Iwata LPH 200 also features low air consumption and low inlet air pressure making this pressure feed HVL P air spray gun ideal for situations where compressed air supply volume may be limited.

The Anest Iwata LPH 200 pressure feed spray gun head is light weight at only 380 grams and features an easy cleaning chrome body. Anest Iwata LPH 200 is also ideal for waterborne materials.
Anest Iwata LPH 200 part number is LPH200122P the spray gun is fitted with a 1.2 millimetre fluid nozzle and inlet air pressure should be set at two bar or 28 PSI. Air consumption for the Anest Iwata LPH 200 pressure feed spray gun is 500 litres per minute or 17.7 cubic feet per minute which is low for a HVLP pressure feed spray gun. Approximate fluid outputs that can be achieved with the LPH200 are 500 millilitres per minute and spray pattern fan widths of up to 300 millimetres wide.
HVLP Pressure Fed Spray Gun Anest Iwata LPH200


Nozzle Sizes: