DeVilbiss Gravity Range

DeVilbiss gravity air spray gun range includes a very wide range of both automotive and industrial refinishing spray paint guns. The DeVilbiss GTi gravity air spray gun has been immensely popular amongst automotive re finishers and has now evolved into the DeVilbiss GTi HD series, which includes optional pressure feed, suction feed and gravity feed air spray gun configurations.

DeVilbiss Advance HD is a range of mid-sized compliant spray guns also available configured as gravity feed suction, feed or pressure feed and also available as high-volume low-pressure HVLP if required. DeVilbiss Advance HD is also available configured as mid-sized conventional air spray guns also configured in either pressure feed suction feed or gravity feed.

Well-known DeVilbiss JGA and GFG air spray guns are a full-size spray gun available in gravity feed suction feed or pressure feed and now feature as part of the HD High Demand series conventional air spray guns.

The DeVilbiss PRi HD is a compliant gravity feed air spray gun designed specifically for the application of modern day primers surfaces and  fillers.

Another DeVilbiss gravity feed air spray gun is the SRi HD which is available in HVLP or TRANS-TECH atomising air cap technology and has been designed for first class high-quality finishing including spot repairs, shading, and stencilling while providing an extremely high level of control.