Anest Iwata W200 W200084P Pressure Feed

Anest Iwata W200 pressure feed air spray gun is a high quality full-size spray gun designed for use exclusively with paint pressure pots or double diaphragm pumps. The Anest Iwata W200 pressure feed spray gun is one of the Anest Iwata High TEC technology spray guns which have transfer efficiencies that can exceed the transfer capabilities of many HVLP spray guns while at the same time consuming much less compressed air than many HVLP spray guns.

The Anest Iwata W200 W200084P high TEC pressure model is a LV2 atomising air cap and 0.8mm nozzle.

Anest Iwata W 200 high TEC's pressure spray gun models using the LV2 atomising air cap are said to operate best with 2 bar compressed air inlet pressure and will typically consume 270 litres per minute of compressed air.

Fluid tip options available for LV2 air cap models are 0.8 millimetre, 1.0 millimetre, 1.2 millimetre and 1.5 millimetre.

W200084P Pressure Feed Spray Gun Anest Iwata W200


Nozzle Sizes: