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Anest Iwata spray painting equipment product range

W400 High TEC Anest Iwata Gravity Air Spray Gun

Anest Iwata W400 High TEC gravity feed air spray guns are high transfer efficient air spray guns. Anest Iwata with the W400 High TEC achieved transfer efficiency levels that were better than many HVLP spray guns could achieve and independent testing certification from Thatcham supports this fact. The transfer efficiency during testing was 92% for primer and 76.9% for solid colour and 74.7% with clear resulting in a certified overall transfer efficiency of 81%!

 Anest Iwata W400 High TEC Gravity Air Spray Gun

LPH400 Anest Iwata HVLP Gravity Spray Gun

Anest Iwata LPH400 centre feed high volume low pressure gravity feed models are a high quality HVLP model range with a total of ten needle nozzle and air cap setup options to choose from. Anest Iwata LPH400 HVLP are a low volume air consumption HVLP spray gun.

Model LPH400LV is available in 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm and 1.8mm fluid tip options. Each option operates at 1.1 bar or 16 psi air pressure and consumes 269 litres per minute or 9.5 cubic feet per minute of compressed air flow and the common air cap number is an LV4.


LPH400 Anest Iwata HVLP Spray Gun


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